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Build a capsule wardrobe for your kids - OAT & OCHRE
Build a capsule wardrobe for your kids - OAT & OCHRE

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed with the amount of clothing your kids have? Does it seem like the dressers and closets are just overflowing with clothes that never even get worn?

If you answered yes to either of these questions (or both), perhaps you should try building a capsule wardrobe for your little one.

I started building capsule wardrobes for my family about 4 years ago. I felt like we were drowning in clothing and I was tired of finding items at the bottom of the closet that had never even been worn!

I had become a victim to fast fashion. Feeling the need to constantly by the latest styles at the cheapest price. I always was wanting to buy something new for my kids when I went out, even when they didn't need anything. Little to no thought went into a purchase. The main question I was asking myself was "is it cute?"

When I really should have been asking myself:

"Do they need this item?"

"Will my kid wear this item 30 times or more?"

"Is this a piece you can easily add to their current wardrobe?"

"Is this a piece you could pass on to younger siblings, friends, cousins, etc.?"


If you're ready to make a change, here are a few things to keep in mind:

 - Your version of a capsule wardrobe and someone else's may look different. We all have different needs and lifestyles, so do what works best for you and your family!

- There is a lot of trial and error in this process. It took me about 3 years to figure out what worked best for us.

- You do not have to get rid of the clothing you already own and start over! That defeats the purpose. If you go through your child(s) closet and you have too much, take out what will not be used and consider taking it to a consignment shop, clothing swap, or donate. 

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