Welcome to Oat & Ochre

Hello! My name is Rosalyn Campbell and I am the owner of OAT + OCHRE, an online sustainable clothing store based out of Spruce Grove, AB. I created OAT + OCHRE in September of 2021 with the goal of developing a platform to showcase sustainable and ethical clothing brands, with an emphasis on Canadian brands. Shop OAT + OCHRE and love the clothes you live in.

Sustainable Brands

All brands carried at OAT + OCHRE are practicing sustainable and ethical productions methods. Unlike many fast fashion brands currently on the market, these sustainable brands use ecofriendly materials, such as, RPET (recycled polyester), bamboo, TENCEL, and certified organic cotton. By using these materials they are dramatically decreasing the amount of water used in the production process, as well as, limiting the amount of carbon emissions being released into our environment.

Ethical Manufacturing

In addition to the use of ecofriendly materials, the sustainable brands at OAT + OCHRE also care about the people who are manufacturing the clothing. Therefore, fair working conditions and ensuring a living wage to all their workers is of the upmost importance. We even have brands that are sourcing and manufacturing their clothing right here in Canada!


Small Batch

Organic Cotton

Fair Trade

Made in Canada

Recycled Materials