A Heartfelt Thank You: OAT & OCHRE's Journey to Vogue

Discover OAT & OCHRE's feature in British Vogue's February 2024 'Little Loves' campaign, highlighting our dedication to sustainable, ethical fashion. This significant recognition showcases the impact of choosing slow fashion and the power of community support in promoting eco-conscious lifestyle choices. Join us in celebrating this milestone and learn more about our mission to make ethical fashion mainstream.
OAT & OCHRE featured in British Vogue

I'm over the moon to share something incredible with you. This February 2024, OAT & OCHRE will be featured in British Vogue's "Little Loves" campaign. Yes, I am talking about the British Vogue – and it's all because of your support and our shared belief in a more ethical fashion world.

Being part of Vogue is a dream many of us in the slow fashion space hardly dare to dream. It's not just a personal milestone; it's a win for all of us who believe in making ethical and sustainable choices. This feature is our chance to shine a light on the importance of conscious consumerism in fashion, right in the mainstream spotlight.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Every purchase, every share, every word of encouragement has led to this moment. It's a big deal to bring our values of sustainability and ethics to such a wide audience, and I'm so proud to do this alongside you.

Your support means we're not just a shop; we're a movement. And now, more people than ever will learn about the change we're championing together.

Thank you for being the heart of OAT & OCHRE. Here's to making sustainable fashion the norm, not the exception, with every piece we create and every story we share.

All the best,

Rosalyn Campbell 

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