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Silly Silas

Collants à pieds

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Collants à pieds

Les collants à pieds Silly Silas sont un ajout charmant et pratique à la garde-robe de votre tout-petit. Conçus dans un souci à la fois de confort et de style, ces collants sont fabriqués à partir de coton biologique certifié à 100 %, garantissant un toucher doux sur la peau délicate. La conception avec pieds offre chaleur et confort, tandis que les bretelles garantissent que les collants restent bien en place pendant toutes les activités.

Collants à pieds

Customer Reviews

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The only piece of clothing I want for my kid

I swear by those tights. Cute, soft, easy to put on, perfect to layer in the winter. Colours are beautiful. I have 3 now and will continue buy them as my son grows

Emily Nickel

I need all the silly silas lol the amount of compliments i get when my son wears them its so good. Also we accidentally put one pair in the dryer and they did not shrink at all. I matched them up with the ones that only were hung to dry and they were still the exact same. Actually a bit softer from the dryer. Im going to dry them from now on. They do get some extra wear from the dryer but babies grow so fast lol it doesnt matter it will never be enough to ruin them. I highly recommend!

Sarina C
The CUTEST tights on the market, hands down!

I got a pair of these for my son and I have zero regrets! They're so freaking cute, plus they're thicker than expected and stretchy as all heck! They're perfect for the fall/winter season, especially if you have a little one who loves pulling their socks off!