OAT & OCHRE || Slow Fashion Brands

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Showcasing organic, ethically-made fashion brands that redefine what it means to look good and do good.

Small Batch

High-quality, limited quantity, low waste.

Organic Cotton

Toxin-free. Healtheir planet. Happier skin.

Fair Trade

Ethical and responsible production.

Made in Canada

Supporting and showcasing homegrown brands.

Recycled Materials

Reducing waste, repurposing style.

Founder Story

Hi, I'm Rosalyn, founder of OAT & OCHRE. As a busy mom of four, I felt overwhelmed by the lack of transparency in sustainable fashion. Determined to make a difference, I created a platform offering high-quality, ethical clothing for families like mine. OAT & OCHRE is a catalyst for change, showcasing brands that transform the industry. With a focus on timeless basics and a minimalist aesthetic, we're part of a movement leaving a better Earth for future generations. Join us at OAT & OCHRE in embracing slow fashion and promoting transparency in every garment we wear.


Slow Fashion Style for a more Sustainable Future.

Combat climate change: Fashion industry contributes 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. Shop ethical brands using recycled and natural materials, conserving water, energy, and avoiding harmful chemicals

Reduce waste: Over 75% of clothing donations end up in landfills among 100 billion garments produced yearly. Shop intentionally and build a wardrobe of lasting pieces that you'll love and cherish for years to come.

Protect workers: Fast fashion exploits people, with garment workers enduring long hours, low wages, and hazardous conditions. Support slow fashion brands that prioritize safe and fair treatment across their entire supply chain.