OAT & OCHRE: Ethical & Sustainable Fashion for Women and Children


Crafting Ethical Wardrobes, Embracing Mindful Choices - Join Us

Hey there, I'm Rosalyn, the one-woman show behind OAT & OCHRE. Fallen for fast fashion's charms and ended up with a closet of 'meh'? Been there, bought the t-shirt (and regretted it). As a mom to four, I know the drill all too well.

This led me to create OAT & OCHRE. More than a shop, it's a movement. It's where style meets substance, and every piece has more than just a look – it has a purpose. We're about fashion that favors the planet, not just the profit margin.

Here, you can build a wardrobe that feels right, both in style and ethics. Because making better choices isn't just smart, it's necessary.



Sustainable Fashion Brands | The Simple Folk at OAT & OCHRE

Keep it simple

Natural fabrics, classic silhouettes, and minimalist designs.

Organic Cotton Baby Clothing at OAT & OCHRE

Less is more

High-quality, heirloom pieces to craft a simple, classic wardrobe.

Shop Silly Silas Tights at OAT & OCHRE

Back to basics

Forget trends. Define your style on your own terms.

Join the Slow Fashion Movement - A Thoughtful Choice for You and the Planet

Our clothes are crafted by actual humans, not robots. It's about supporting real people with fair wages and safe conditions, not just churning out the next big thing.

As Orsola de Castro said, 'Demand quality, not just in what you buy, but in the lives of those who make it.'

And the Earth? It's asking for a favor too. Go for brands that remember green is more than a color.

Here's to smart choices. Choose Ethical, Shop Slow.


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